Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Musish Football Club prompts a reopening of my blog

Musish Football Club began life when a group of students at the American University of
Nigeria (AUN) decided to form a football team in late 2006. The Club had played under
the name LXB FC before this time. Their first match was a 3-0 victory over Java FC, on
April 21, 2007. This excitation( and surprise) made the patron of Java FC paste news about us on the AAUN news letter on page 4 of this page http://library.aaun.edu.ng/screens/News7.pdf

Soon after, the name Musish FC was adopted and the Club continued playing in friendlies and local AUN cup competitions for the next few years. The Club turned professional and joined the Football League in the Spring of 2007. They have since then had their home at AUN, Yola, Adamawa, Nigeria. Musish have been playing in the AUN premier league, where they have remained ever since.

Musish were champions for the first time in AUN in the first ever AUN Premier league in
2006 as the former League of Xtraordinary Ballers (LXB). They were runners up in the
following season having lost in the finals to TB FC.

Musish FC participated in the 2007 Coca-Cola FA Cup for the first time. During this time
Musish had some of the game’s greatest players in AUN on its books: Littbarski Adeh, Eno Essien, Richard Etim, Samuel Abok, Yusuf John, Raymond Jacobs, Quadri Danlami and
Abubakar Kele, were just some of the names in what was one of the greatest sides ever to
play in the Football League.

The Club's management was very happy to inform its fans and supporters on the
availability of its Jersey for commercial purpose. All the jerseys were made to the tastes
of the consumers as their names and preferred numbers came printed at the back of it. To
get a copy, they simply sent their names and numbers to musishfc@gmail.com and in a
week, they got it. You may do the same.

Though the launch date has been pasted for the sake of having a better planning for the
event, The management advice that fans and supporters should buy the jerseys for friends
and families at the cheap additional logistics costs.

Musish Football Club currently boasts of the largest supporter base in AUN, Yola, and its
environs. The Club hopes to be keep on in its strive for success on and off the football
field as it looks forward to providing a sizable number of the players that will be in the
Nigerian Squad in the South Africa 2010 World Cup.

For your view, we have a little video for you here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FjtY1kvoCs plus a little interview done by Mr. Elie B. Smith of Canal France International (CFI) here http://www.africanpath.com/p_blogEntry.cfm?blogEntryID=5482

Watch out for us in the nearest future!


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