Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas in Yola.

For a long time, I used to believe Christmasses outside Lagos are boring but I now know of another place where chrismas is not boring, and that place is Yola. After 4:30pm, my friend, Ehis, got me an invitation ticket for their NCCF
dinner Christmas program at the Yola international hotel. The program was supposed to start at 5:00pm. We got there like 15 minutes past five.
We saw people of different beauties, all excited. Wonderful. We showed our tickets and were allowed into the show hall. We sat and had a nice time watching the whole show. Like 20 minutes from the time we entered, pepper soup was served round with malta guiness -- :-* cool – first round. As the program continued, we had somebody came up to spark up the place with some comedy while we went for a second round of fried rice and some goat meats. Somebody’s birthday is 25th there. He brought cakes and cakes upon cakes – third round. At some minutes to eight, forth round – some fruity slices of melon, pawpaw, and pineapples were served round in a moderate cup.
While the menu menu menu went on, there were a lot of picture taking going on. And after the menus, there was a more fantastic scene, people singing praises and taking group pictures. It was very very interesting.I got to meet new people, new friends from different places.
Me b4 the showDuring the show


Blogger Hamid said...

hahahaha!! i sure hope ur having fun o! yola is a DRY DESOLATE PLACE!! i dont see how ur having fun, but u look like u are!!
take care boi!!

5:41 AM  

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